There’s no escaping it. Perception is present in almost everything we do. Whether we’re buying a product or meeting new people, perception is lurking. But it’s far more complex than how we see and understand the things around us. So let’s take a closer look. First, what drives this byproduct of judgement?…Continue Reading
I’m quite routine when it comes to the staples of my nutritional intake, and mornings are no exception. I am a huge proponent of starting the day with the right nutrition. I keep the sweets to a minimum and I focus on getting protein, the right carbohydrates and fibre. A solid protein shake and…Continue Reading
Instagram Stories allows users to upload secondary videos and photos to their Instagram accounts. You can also overlay those photos and videos with text, filters and drawings. And much like Snapchat, they expire in 24hrs. I like the stories feature because it gives you a behind the scenes. It elaborates on…Continue Reading
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The moose is gone but let’s keep it savvy! Following a hiatus from my duties here as the Chief Word Typer, I am returning to late night screen gazing and key stroking. Many of us follow each other on social media, which has eased this brief interlude! That said, I have had some time…Continue Reading
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A short story of karma Imagine if everyone made an effort to understand someone before judging them? During a bike ride with a friend this weekend, it was the simple honk of a horn that made me ponder this question. At a point during our Sunday morning ride, a car slowed behind us…Continue Reading
“One always has time enough, if one will apply it well” I love this quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It’s so relevant to our busy lives’ today. Identifying our priorities and managing the time around them can be challenging. Oftentimes the slightest busy period is enough for us to lose focus…Continue Reading
Gap Jump Failure
So you’ve kicked off a new project or set a new goal. You’ve wrapped your head around what needs to happen to complete it and you’re committed. Heck, you’ve already announced your aspirations on social media. Now it’s time to put your plans into action and start working towards success! Envisioning the milestones and rewards can be both…Continue Reading
We don’t overuse words, we simply underutilize the supporting narrative I recently decided to update my lacklustre LinkedIn profile. It has been years since I’ve summarized me or my career history, and the exercise forced me to think about the words and phrases that we use to describe ourselves. You quickly realize just how…Continue Reading
I love this quote by Mary Oliver. It represents so much of my inspiration to begin blogging. “Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” Observe the world around you, never stop being amazed, and share your experiences. These are some of the simple things that make us…Continue Reading