So you’ve kicked off a new project or set a new goal. You’ve wrapped your head around what needs to happen to complete it and you’re committed. Heck, you’ve already announced your aspirations on social media. Now it’s time to put your plans into action and start working towards success!

Envisioning the milestones and rewards can be both exciting and daunting. And while the idea of success is motivating, the challenges ahead can be intimidating. But that’s okay. You just need to overcome the challenges, right? Wrong!

Here’s the kicker.

I believe that we sabotage success simply by using the word challenge. By definition, a challenge is a call to take part in a competition or a duel. To further define this, these are two events that result in either a winner and – here’s the kicker – a loser! Thus, whenever we enter into a challenge there’s a risk of failure. That’s the bottom line. But why risk it if we don’t have to? Why do we use a word associated with failure to describe the tasks along a path to success?

Here’s the alternative.

Challenges have their place and they certainly have a purpose. They make us stronger, they teach us perseverance and they make us humble. But it is up to us to distinguish between a challenge and a mere obstacle. This is especially important when it comes to achieving personal and career goals.

Here’s my point.

There is no definitive winner and loser when we face an obstacle. We can ready ourselves to overcome obstacles. And we can approach them knowing that they are just steps toward success.

Perhaps some of your own challenges are merely obstacles!


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