I’m a serial headline scanner. I flip through Flipboard and thumb through Twitter like a fiend, glancing for something that catches my attention. I peruse opening paragraphs followed by quick scans for anything in bold, bullet or list format, which I’m sure is the norm for most article junkies. However, despite this erratic skimming behaviour, one or two statements or quotes always stick with me leaving me to ponder them for more than a passing moment.

“Creativity is an act of defiance.” – Twyla Tharp

I read this quote recently and it got me thinking about the actual relation of defiance and creativity, and I get it.

I was reminded of our earliest days of creativity, when we were children and wrongly dismantled something just to see how it worked, or when we drew on walls with our crayons because it made for a better canvas. These small acts of defiance were simply sparks of creativity.

In our adult lives these creative sparks still live on. We see them in those defying complacency to become entrepreneurs, or in engineers when they develop products that defy the very laws of physics. Imagine if the Wright brothers had decided not to defy gravity.

Yeah, I like this quote! Now go be defiant and create something great!


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