I’m quite routine when it comes to the staples of my nutritional intake, and mornings are no exception. I am a huge proponent of starting the day with the right nutrition. I keep the sweets to a minimum and I focus on getting protein, the right carbohydrates and fibre. A solid protein shake and a big bowl of super oatmeal does the trick for me. ( stay tuned for my go-to oatmeal recipe 😉 )

In recent years, I’ve increase my volume of training and changed my diet to be more plant based. To accommodate this, I’ve amped up my morning shakes and oatmeal concoctions to fuel and recover better. I often get questions about my diet or supplementation, so I want to start sharing more on what keeps me moving! That said, here’s one of my go-to morning shakes:

NOTE: I am fortunate to have an awesome supplementation brand supporting me and my teammates – Progressive Nutritional. They have a wide range of health and wellness products, including an unmatched line of plant-based supplements. We sought out Progressive because we genuinely believe in their product. If you’re looking for supplementation ideas, I highly recommend. But if you already have your favourites, that’s cool too!

Stay fuelled!




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