Double Track Climb
The Importance of Mental Conditioning Nothing prepared me for what happened just two minutes into my third Provincial XC mountain bike race. I got into my sprint position at the start-line, took a few final deep breaths and readied myself for the start buzzer. With countless hours of sprint intervals under…Continue Reading
DeathtoStock_Desk Photo
Mentor: (n.) someone who imparts wisdom to the less experienced. I still remember my dad muttering the words “Learn from the bad and take the good, Jay”. I believe that I was telling him about a friend who had gotten himself into some trouble and that was his cryptic way of…Continue Reading
Vorfreude: (n.) the joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures. Nothing beats the anticipation of an upcoming escape from our normal routine. The thought of an approaching long weekend is even enough to get us through the craziest of weeks. I personally love having some sort of getaway to look…Continue Reading
I’m a serial headline scanner. I flip through Flipboard and thumb through Twitter like a fiend, glancing for something that catches my attention. I peruse opening paragraphs followed by quick scans for anything in bold, bullet or list format, which I’m sure is the norm for most article junkies. However,…Continue Reading
Adriatic Coast
What drives us to dig deep and endure more for our passions? Several weeks ago, at 6:30 am on a chilly Saturday morning, I set out on my own for a really long bike ride (or GranFondo, for the die hard cyclists out there!). I chose a familiar route, one with a coffee…Continue Reading