What drives us to dig deep and endure more for our passions?

Several weeks ago, at 6:30 am on a chilly Saturday morning, I set out on my own for a really long bike ride (or GranFondo, for the die hard cyclists out there!). I chose a familiar route, one with a coffee shop at the halfway point and some of the best rolling county roads north of Toronto. While this was not an unusual event for me on a weekend, it was the first time that I decided to film anything in any detail. I’ve been meaning to capture and share more of lifes moments and I guess you could say that this particular cold morning was my start.

I had no goal in mind, nor a narrative. I simply filmed when I felt inspired. While reviewing the footage later that evening it was evident I had captured the very essence of why I was out there, alone and pedalling my heart out for those four and a half hours. You can check out the video by clicking the play icon ( ) in the above header image.

I hope you enjoy.



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